4 basic products in 1 pack. Each pack contains FACE CLEANERS, STYLES, CRYSTAL CREATING and NIGHT CRYSTAL CREATINGS.
Enough for a month’s use. Based on fruits & plants and processed with Nano technology.

1. Cleanser
Cleanse, refresh and brighten. Ideal for all skin types. Used daily as a facial cleanser. Just rub and massage thoroughly with your face and neck, and rinse with water.

2.Day Cream
Prevents dry skin, protects the face from UV rays and keeps moisture and freshness all day long. By means of a simple and quick use, flattering across the face and neck before using makeup. For best impression use daily during daytime.

3.Night Cream
Boasts, builds elastin and skin tightness. Renew the growth of skin cells and maintain skin moisture over the night. In a simple and convenient way, after washing your face with a facial cleanser and wearing a refreshing, cream is applied to the whole face of the skin. For best impression use every night ..

4.BB Cream
BB ++ KOLAGEN CREAM acts as sunblock protective cream sunblock and foundation / makeup foundation. UV radiation is one of the causes of pigmentation. Formulated with collagen to enhance skin elasticity of the user’s face when used during the day. It has a beige color only, but is suitable for all because it will change according to the user’s skin tone color after a few minutes wear. It is also not greasy and the user feels comfortable throughout the day. BB cream KOLAGEN worn after Day Cream


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