Product by: Kissen

With Space Saving Datechable Handles

Composition :

  • 20cm Pot with Lid
  • 24cm pot with Lid
  • 26cm Wok Pan
  • 26cm Frying Pan with Lid
  • Free Gift
    • Multi Handle x 1
    • 24cm PE Lid
    • 20cm PE Lid



1. Detachable handle developed by Dongyang Natoyan’s own technology.
2. It is composed of double button device considering safety during cooking and handling.
3. Because there is no fixed handle, it is possible to stack various sizes of pan, thus reducing storage space
4. Easy to wash
5. The exterior coating is made of high quality pearl metal ceramic coating from Korea’s highest quality materials
6. Four different colors of pink, green, blue and purple for a luxurious feeling
7. The built-in coating of the pot has a non-stick function and a harmless ceramic coating
8. Excellent non-stick function and durability
9. The glass lid for pot is heat-resistant glass which is resistant to heat and impact.It can reduce heat loss as well
10. After cooking in the pan, you can cover the remaining food with a hermetic lid and store it in the refrigerator immediately
11. Can also be used in ovens


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