Exclusive : Cream Color
Personalized you house with furniture that can be used in kitchen, a living room, a study room, and anywhere in your house!
Have 100kg of loading capacity
High Quality material that can be use for years.
Cabinet and metal shelf can be used separately.Timesless Furniture with simple design and multiple-purposes , because made of strong metal, less crack or damage compared to wooden furnitures.
Cabinet and metal shelf can be used separately.
Easy to clean and easy to take items from the rack.
Easy to assemble and no tools required.

Composition :

45cm ( L ) x 30cm (W) x 8 pcs
Upper Pillar x 8pcs
Lower Pillar x 8pcs
Ending Cap x 16pcs
Connection Screw x 12 pcs
Elevation Adjustment Screw x 16pcs
Sleeve x 32 sets
Insert x 16pcs